IL GreenStar – Certification For Homeowners And Builders

GreenStar Training

The leading Residential Building Standards and Green Certification Program in the State of Illinois.

Promoting healthy design

Advocating for efficient, durable construction

Providing objective third party verification

Designing to maximize performance

Using a Whole Systems Approach to Green Building
Certification levels are achieved by applying the 5 Key Concepts to these stages of construction:

Outdoor and Site

Building Envelope and Systems


Electrical and Lighting

Plumbing Systems and Fixtures

Finish Materials and Coatings

Waste Management

Illinois GreenStar: Improving the impact of green buildings programs on individuals, their families, the community and the environment.

We all want to do the right thing.

The green movement has brought sustainability into the mainstream. Consumers have more information about the implications of their choices than ever before.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to separate the good from the bad. Companies can claim that their products and services are green without proof, and many do. Even if you’re paying close attention, trying to do the right thing can feel like guesswork.

Fortunately, you live in Illinois. You don’t need to guess when it comes to your most personal investment, and the most significant statement of your values: your home.

IL GreenStar is a homegrown resource developed by local experts to help you know for certain that your home is green. Not just some of the materials, not just energy efficiency – the whole thing. No guess work required.

Whether you’re remodeling a room or building a new home, tell your builder you don’t want to worry. Tell them you want it IL GreenStar Certified. And if they don’t want to document their work? Tell them there are plenty of outstanding builders around who will (and have!).

Take the guesswork out of doing the right thing: certify your home with IL GreenStar.